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Snarky letter at the Baltimore Sun

Posted on: March 6, 2012

An interesting snarky letter about the religious nature of marriage showed up in the Baltimore Sun recently by one Robert McFeeters.

“My questions for all the groups who have consistently opposed equal marriage rights for all citizens is this: If marriage is a religious ceremony as you claim, why do you have to go to court to get a divorce? Why can you get married at the courthouse?”

It’s an interesting idea in the wake of the Maryland House of Delegates passing a bill for marriage equality.  Where do religion and law intersect? How does each inform the other?

Of course, the author couldn’t help but throw a little snark into the end of his letter.

“I have been married to my beautiful wife for 31 years, and I want all Maryland and all U.S. citizens to have the same right to all the happiness and aggravation I have had over those decades.”

Read the full letter at the Baltimore Sun.

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