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New HRC President Making Headlines

Posted on: March 9, 2012

The recent announcement about Chad Griffin being chosen as the Human Rights Campaign’s new president is apparently making waves across the internet.  What was previously seen as a group that was losing relevance is suddenly back in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

But why exactly? Well, HRC has recently had a bit of image problem.  They’ve been seen as kowtowing to the democratic party rather than push ahead with their agenda.  And Griffin hardly seems the type to follow that same agenda, after all, he was the executive producer of the 2009 film Outrage.  In case you’re unaware, Outrage was the same film that outed various gay politicians who had a habit of voting anti-gay.  Griffin was also among the team that led the litigation battle against Proposition 8, a move that most of the LGBT establishment was against at the time.

This is a drastically important issue in the near future because 2012 happens to be an election year.   Generally, people who have been watching this choice carefully believe that it’s important for HRC to have someone at its head who is willing to take action and do the right thing, even if that action isn’t necessary the most politic at the time.

Intriguingly enough, despite having personal ties to the Obama whitehouse, Griffin has been pushing for a bipartisan approach to marriage equality.  Not only did he hire former Bush solicitor general Theodore Olson as part of his Prop. 8 team, but he’s aligned with conservatives like the gay former chair of the Republican National Committee Ken Mehlman.

Michelangelo Signorile over at the Huffington Post has a nice write up the entire situation.  Read it here.


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