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Unknown champions for equality

Posted on: March 14, 2012

When you look at champions for equality there are a couple of names that continually stand out.  But there are so many more people who never get recognized, who are either behind the scenes or who just don’t seem to make the news.

There’s an article over at PolicyMic written by Ned Flaherty, a project manager at Marriage Equality USA that seeks to change that.  In it, he recognizes five “lesser-known” heroes of marriage equality.

Of those he included, Wayne Besen’s (Founder of Truth Wins Out) petition was the one that caused a homophobic highs school principal in Tennessee to resign hours after she told LGBT students that “they were doomed to spend all eternity in Hell” and got the county school board to put into affect new rules against discrimination.

Second on the list was Carlos Maza, who is immensely valuable to the cause of equality, as he spends all of his time “tracking anti-LGBT hate groups, attending their events, devouring their literature, and patiently researching their unsubstantiated claims.”

Check out the rest of the list over at


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