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Charities for good: the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Posted on: April 3, 2012

If you’re looking for a group that is working for equality in a cohesive, effective manner, look no further than the American Foundation for Equal Rights.   AFER is one of the few marriage equality teams that is taking an active legal stance to fight against inequal laws like Proposition 8.

In fact, AFER is the sole sponsor of the federal court challenge of Prop 8, and with the help of their legal team led by Theodor Olson and David Boies they brought Perry vs Schwarzenegger to fruition, demonstrating that Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution by denying millions of people equal protection under the law.

Their staff is varied and experience.  President Chad Griffin, who will soon be leaving to head HRC, was the youngest staffer to serve in the West Wing and spent his career taking on entrenched interests like tobacco and oil companies in order to fight for important issues “including equal rights, clean energy, universal health care, stem cell research, and early childhood education.”



Rob and Michelle Reiner have been active in their dedication towards early childhood issues.  Michele co-founded the Parents’ Action for Children and produced a series of nationally distributed videos that help train parents on earl childhood development.  Rob chaired the campaign to pass Proposition 10, the California Children and Families Initiative and was instrumental in helping to defeat Proposition 1D, which would have gutted critical programs for California’s children.

Kenneth B. Mehlman is the global head of public relations for Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and is a trustee for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Franklin and Marshall College. Ken was the former chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Executive Director Adam Umhoefer spent much of 2008 working on President Obama’s campaign in Montana, and before that his experience was spent working as a consultant for individuals and non-profit companies on strategic philanthropy, government affairs, public relations and fundraising.  He was named as one of The Advocate magazine’s top “Forty Under 40.”


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