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California Senate Bill may help end ex-gay therapy

Posted on: April 26, 2012

A horribly traumatic practice may be on its last legs.  It’s called ex-gay therapy, and it is essentially a process by which people and organizations try to get people to refrain from homosexual desires.


It is all the more traumatic because it is a practice that tells its patients that homosexuality is a disease, a disorder, that there is something wrong with them that needs to be cured.  Often times people who enter these programs are minors placed in such programs by their families, sometimes against their own desires. It doesn’t help that scientific studies have continually shown that such therapy is ineffective and unsuccessful.


Well, a California Senate bill might change that.  While it doesn’t outright ban ex-gay therapy it does prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from being placed in or undergoing such sexual orientation change efforts.  For those who are over 18,  the bill requires that they sign an informed consent form that includes a disclaimer explaining that being LGBT is not a mental disorder and that there are no therapies which are effective in changing a person’s orientation, in fact, such efforts can be very harmful.


Hopefully this bill will pass.  It’s certainly a step in the right direction.



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