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Changes in the political winds?

Posted on: May 1, 2012

Has the Republican party taken re-evaluated their policies on LGBT tolerance?   It used to be that if you were involved in the GOP and homosexual, you had to be in the closet.  Many GOP staffers like Ken Mehlman, Bush’s 2004 campaign manager and chairman of the Republican National Committee, didn’t come out until they were out of politics.

That might be changing.  On April 24th, the Atlantic reported that Mitt Romney recently hired Richard Grenell, an openly gay man, to be his foreign-policy spokesman.  As Molly Ball reports, it’s not that Grenell is the first out gay person to serve as a high-level staffer to a GOP nominee, but he is the first to serve as a press spokesman “the public face of the all-but-certain Republican nominee — and on the historically sensitive issue of national security, no less.”

Is this perhaps a change in GOP politics?  A world where staffers can be out and working in politics, no matter what their party affiliation is?

It’s interesting that Grenell is not just out, he’s out publicly and an avid supporter of gay rights.  He was involved in a very public battle with the State Department to add his longtime partner to the diplomatic registry and has been outspoken in his defense of equality.

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