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LGBT parents no different

Posted on: May 17, 2012

According to the Movement Advancement Project, Family Equality Council, and the Center for American Progress research shows that children raised by LGBT parents aren’t any different than those raised by non-LGBT parents.

The three different think tanks published a report in November that concluded that sexuality of parents has nothing to do with how happy and healthy children in a family are.  Having scientific data like this is good news for people like Sari Grant, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services recruitment administrator, even if it isn’t a surprise.


“We need them,” she explained.  “For us, they’re not a second choice but as good a choice as other families. The sexual orientation of adoptive parents is not really relevant. We look for whether they can provide safe and loving homes.”


In fact ,according to Laurie Rein, adoption program manager at the private nonprofit Penny Lane Centers based in North Hills, , LGBT families may have an advantage over traditional ones when it comes to foster children- especially those that are victims of abuse or neglect.


“I think gay and lesbian applicants, because they may have gone through adversity themselves – including societal disapproval and rejection, even in their own families – sometimes can actually relate better to the difficulties that the children have gone through.”


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