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Shaming Republicans counterproductive?

Posted on: May 18, 2012

According to Padraig McCoid the practice of shaming gay Republicans is counterproductive.  His recent piece in the Huffington Post  brings up the excellent point that the LGBT community is full of people of differing opinions, and that they won’t necessarily change sides because of such practices.

“Gay conservatives vote for a variety of reasons other than gay rights. The reality is that gay conservatives are generally happy with the Republican Party, based almost exclusively on fiscal and foreign policy issues. Therefore, we should not tell gay conservatives to stop voting Republican, but instead put pressure on their party to end opposition to gay rights.”

With more and more Republicans becoming active in the fight for equality Padraig suggests that the push should be not to get them to abandon their party, but rather to work within it for equality.  “Our job should be focused on convincing [Republicans like] Ken Mehlman to put pressure on Republicans like Boehner.

“The sooner we can convince the Republican Party that a strong anti-gay platform is ineffective, the sooner we can move forward with equality,” he continues.


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