One Equal World

How far we’ve come

Posted on: June 14, 2012


The past year has nearly been a sea change as far as gay rights are concerned. Frank Bruni laid out some of the biggest changes in his column in the NY Times this last week, explaining how states throughout the country have stepped forward to support equality rights for gay candidates- with democratic governors in New York, Maryland and Washington promoting and signing same-sex marriage laws and even the sitting president declaring his support for LGBT marriage equality.


But it’s not only been the Democrats that have worked to support equality.  There’s a quiet movement in the Republican party as well right now, made up of leading lights on Wall Street who are working for equality.


People like Peter Singer, a billionaire hedge fund manager who helped to raise more than a million dollars for the same-sex marriage campaign in New York, and who has given more than $10 million of his own money to other campaigns.   Or Republican Kenneth Mehlman, who has been an active campaigner and advocate for those very same campaigns.


Some of this is self-interest, of course.  As Ken Mehlman explains, “a political party that ignores demography or ignores broader cultural trends does so at its own peril.”  And given the current trend towards equality in younger voters any party on the wrong side of the issue will suffer greatly in the future.


But it’s more than that, it’s a change in what is deemed acceptable by society, a real shift in the way that politics and politicians view the world.  And compared to merely eight years ago?  It’s a huge shift indeed.


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