One Equal World

Inclusivity and LGBT

Posted on: June 15, 2012

Is there a problem with inclusivity in the LGBT world?   Richard Lyon, our favorite columnist over at the Huffington Post, suggests that there might be.

According to Lyon, people in positions of privilege always have difficulty giving up that power, and that’s no less true of the middle-class gay white males than middle-class white males in general.  This means that when transgendered individuals were brought into the fold there was a great many pundits who claimed that the movement had lost its respectability.

“Racism within the gay community has a long and shameful history,” he adds.  “I have had many opportunities to witness the harassment and abuse firsthand.”

Lyon touches on the idea that while it is very easy for individuals to look for equality for themselves, it is difficult for them to see the same struggles that other minority groups have as well.  It comes down to a sort of, ‘you’re struggling, sure, but I really care about my struggles, and I’m afraid that if I help you with your problems then I’m not going to get mine taken care of.’

Which is a problem, in more ways than one.  Primarily, it keeps minorities minorities.  As long as the individual groups can’t work together they will always be struggling along by themselves- and continually losing the battle.

Instead, as Lyon suggests, the community should be looking for allies in other struggling communities.

“We need to be seeking and forming alliances with other groups that are excluded from the privileges of the elite,” Lyon writes.

“There is presently a window of opportunity open for doing that. It is not guaranteed to remain open.”


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