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Hoopla between Musto and GOProud boils over

Posted on: June 28, 2012

There is quite a hoopla happening in the online media right now.  The GOProud group recently announced that they have decided to endorse Mitt Romney, a stance that Michael Musto over at the Village Voice derided as against their best interests, as Romeny has disavowed previous support for LGBT rights.

Musto unfortunately compared the group to Jewish Nazis and black Klanmembers (, but the GOProud response was no better, as they compared Musto to a muppet and basically declared that they didn’t care about anything that a gossip columnist wrote about them

Although one wonders why they bothered to respond if they didn’t care.

As we’ve mentioned before, political party is a difficult subject within the LGBT movement.  Self-identified gay republicans rightfully assert that they can support a party for various issues, and not simply concentrate on the social issue at hand.  At the same time liberal community members argue, as Musto did, that individuals that support the GOP are not acting in their own best interests.

Such things have a tendency to escalate quickly, as the war between GOProud and Musto illustrates. But the interesting thing is just how many Republicans are coming out in favor of equality.  People like Ken Mehlman, former RNC Chairman, or hedge fund manager Elliot Singer.   The Republican party is even fielding a gay candidate this year, Richard Tisei.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could all work together for equality rather than attacking each other?  Such an alliance may be difficult given everyone’s animosity, but it might be the only way to achieve equality.


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