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On the Difference Between Being Pro-Gay and Indifferent

Posted on: June 29, 2012

I love this part: llowing openly LGBT+ scouts to assume leadership roles within the BSA would not, in any way, be endorsing the LGBT+ community — instead, it would be showing that sexual orientation is not something that affects the virtues necessary for leadership within the BSA.

Absolutely! There’s a difference between giving basic human rights and being “pro” something, and the two shouldn’t be conflated.


Earlier this week, as LGBTQNation reports, Chuck Norris published an article in (the full text of the article can be found here) that claimed that Obama was working to create a “pro-gay” Boy Scouts of America; he claims that there have been too many coincidences that correspond to Obama’s increasingly pro-marriage equality stance and James Tunley’s (the CEO of Ernst & Young and the only member of the board Boy Scouts’ board to say that gays should be allowed into the BSA) announcement.

As a bit of background, the Boy Scouts have repeatedly stated that openly gay scouts cannot serve as role models most recently in February 2002 (the text of this resolution can be found here), although they have never been explicitly banned from the BSA.

First, I should point out that, in the same press release cited above, the Boy Scouts said that they have a…

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