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Scary place for LGBT community: Malaysia

Posted on: June 29, 2012

Malaysia is looking worse and worse with every passing day. The deputy minister recently came out to say that the government considers homosexuality to be actively against the constitution of the country which lists Islam as the official religion.


Homosexuality is against the constitution?  Surely that can’t be right.  But every thing that government officials are saying supports that notion, explaining that they are not only trying to rehabilitate homosexuals and return them “to the path,” but that they are afraid that LGBT individuals may band together and form a movement against the government.


We see that LGBT happens following what is happening in Europe. It is not only individual but a movement. They are being mobilized to come out, as if they have been oppressed, on the excuse that their human rights have been taken away,” the deputy minister explained when asked if it was right for the government to respond to LGBT issues based on religious doctrine.

It is always a terrifying thing when a government comes right out and admits that they are against a way of life.  It seems as if it’s only a minor step from making such an announcement to actively oppressing people, especially when major officials promote government initiatives to “rehabilitate” LGBT individuals and take time to carefully explain why the discrimination cause in the constitution about sex clearly does not protect LGBT members.



Members of the community have even reported that they are afraid for their safety, as they find the government curtailing their basic rights with frightening efficiency.



We need to keep a very close eye on Malaysia, and make sure that they understand that the world is watching them closely.  And, if things get out of hand, we need to do everything we can to rally support for the LGBT citizens of the country.


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