One Equal World

A GOP in Shambles over LGBT

Posted on: July 9, 2012

The party of Lincoln has become a shadow of its former self. On the issue of LGBT rights, it has literally fragmented into shards of common sense. As noted by, the vote whether to approve LGBT rights depends on where you live. The state Republican Committee of Texas denies them while that of DC approves them. Obviously, this level of dissolution over any issue cannot stand. If we have separate points of view that are dependent on one’s geographic location, the law will be inherently unfair as that will place unwarranted restrictions on one specific class of people in this country.

We saw the dangers inherent in that with abortion prior to 1973. How would we feel as a nation if an entire class of citizenry was allowed to live and practice their belief in one state but not another? Restricting a person’s ability to travel to or live in specific states does not fit the definition of freedom in anyone’s book.

We are a nation of laws that require consistent rulings on behavior regardless of one’s place of residence. Therefore, it is obvious that the views of the Republican Committee of Texas, or any other state, must agree with those of DC to afford the same rights of citizenry to our LGBT partners throughout the country as those enjoyed by the rest of the population. Anything less would be uncivilized.


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