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Surveys Show Bullying of LGBT Youth Prevalent

Posted on: July 10, 2012

The Advocate reports that American and British LGBT youth face bullying at similar rates. The piece compares key statistic garnered from two sources  Human Rights Campaign, “Growing up LGBT in America” and Stonewall/Cambridge University Centre for Family Research, “The School Report 2012”.

Of the 1,614 LGBT youth across Britain interviewed for “The School Report,” 53% reported being verbally abused and 16% reported being physically assaulted. “Growing Up LGBT in America” found 51% suffered verbal abuse, while 17% were physically assaulted.

The Human Rights Campaign piece found that 92% of LGBT youth heard negative messages about being gay, while the Stonewall survey reported 99% of British gay youth heard homophobic language in schools.

The Stonewall report details the effects of this abuse. It found 23% of the British LGBT youth had attempted suicide and 56% had deliberately harmed themselves. This compares with the estimates of from 1 in 10 to 1 in 15 for the general youth population in Britain.

One small bright spot from the Stonewall report: the number reporting verbal abuse has dropped 10% since 2007. While both reports paint a grim, if improving picture for gay youth, both also offer concrete proposals for change.


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