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Romney’s Wimpy Stand On LGBT Issues

Posted on: July 25, 2012

As time goes on in this election, it has become apparent that Mitt Romney has no direction when it comes to issues in the gay community. Almost 20 years ago, he supported getting rid of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the military. In 2009, he stated he was against gay marriage. Romneys’ decisions on LGBT issues seems to be in step with the Republican party; that became more obvious recently when a homosexual superior aide for Romney’s campaign stepped down from his position several months ago.

Rather then stop the aide from leaving or come to his defense, Romney said nothing. When President Obama recently said that he supported gay marriage, Romney said nothing. Unlike Obama who made history by being the first sitting president to support gay marriage, Romney sat in the shadows mouth shut supporting the bigoted ideas of his party by his inaction.

Rather then taking a stance on LGBT issues and risking a slight hit in hard-line conservative support, and perhaps garnering respect and maybe a few votes in the gay community, he took the easy way out, said nothing and hoped that these issues will quietly go away. But come November, he’ll find out how his silence on these issues may have cost him the presidency.


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