One Equal World

Posted on: August 16, 2012

Among the other things that the left is currently hammering Paul Ryan for, it appears that Romney’s new running mate is adamantly against the idea of LGBT equality.

In 2007 Ryan was one of Republicans who actively tried to kill EDNA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that was developed to try to protect against job bias based on sexual orientation.  After the EDNA incident he voted against the hate crimes bill designed to protect LGBT individuals, voted against ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and supported a constitutional amendment in Wisconsin to ban marriage.  Before it, he voted to ban lesbians and gays from adopting children in the District of Columbia.

Ryan seems determined to avoid the issue, however.  When the topic recently came up in the media he seemed convinced that the issue wasn’t as important as economics.

“Actually, I came on to talk about the debt crisis we have and the budget, and I think that’s the driving issue of this election,” he said when asked about gay marriage in February. “But look, I supported the Wisconsin amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.”

The reason why he probably wants to avoid it is because it makes him look bad- especially in light of President Obama and Vice President Biden’s support for marriage equality.   Then again, Ryan probably understand that- for him at least- the idea is a lose-lose issue.  If he shows any sort of support for marriage equality, he’ll make the political base that he was picked to encourage incredibly mad at him.  If he doesn’t, he’ll make a lot of other people understandably upset.

Better, he probably thinks, to not discuss it and upset people who are already upset with him, rather than risk kicking up a hornet’s nest.


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