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New LGBT Poll Surprises U.S.

Posted on: October 26, 2012

A recent poll by Gallup has found that 3.4 percent of Americans identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. This new survey is the larges ever conducted in the U.S., and has challenged the typical perception that LGBT people are predominately white, have achieved high levels of education, and are make more money than the average citizen.


In fact, it shows quite the opposite. The 120,000-person poll found that the LGBT community is just as culturally and socially varied as the general population. In direct contrast to stereotypical views, 33% of individuals who identified themselves as LGBT were non-white—over the 27% who said they were heterosexual.


Women represented the majority of LGBT people, making up 53% of the total LGBT population. And perhaps not surprising is the fact that young people aged 18-29 were the most likely to identify as LGBT (6.4%) over adults 65 and older (1.9%).


And if you still think LGBT people are higher educated than the general population, think again. They actually reported having lower levels of education than others. Four percent had some college education without a degree and 3.5% had high school diplomas or less. Only about 16 percent of LGBT people make over $90,000 per year (five percent less than the general population), and 35% make under $24,000 per year (compared to 24%).


But the survey also found that more LGBT people are optimistic about the improvement of life when compared to other men and women. Around 59% said the standard of living was going up. Only 49% of other Americans feel that is the case. If that is any indication of the LGBT rights movement at work, hopefully the number will continue to rise.


Today’s youth have been raised in a society that is increasingly supportive of equal human rights and accepting of LGBT culture, which is evident in the higher percentage of young people identifying as LGBT. As the movement continues, we can only hope to see those numbers—education, income, quality of life—continue to rise for LGBT people.

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