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Anti-Gay Leader Appointed to Anti-Bullying Committee

Posted on: October 30, 2012

One of the biggest problems at school these days is bullying. Kids might be ridiculed for being unpopular, nerdy, overweight—and increasingly, gay. Often this ridicule results in depression, and in some cases, suicide attempts.


Preventing bullying requires that tolerance and acceptance be promoted for all students. And in a day and age where the LGBT rights movement is gaining support and controversial attention, gay students should fall into that category.


But Anoka-Hennepin School District of Minnesota, which has a history of promoting its “don’t say gay” neutrality policy, apparently doesn’t understand that. After being told by the Department of Justice that they must properly protect students from harassment (it recently experienced a slurry of students suicides due to bullying), Anoka-Hennepin has been ordered to better support its LGBT students to reduce bullying.


So, the district decided to appoint an anti-bullying task force to address the issue. And who better to serve on such a task force as mother Tammy Aaberg, whose son was one of the students who committed suicide? Or perhaps the local anti-bullying trainer from the Gay-Straight Alliance, Jefferson Fietek? Both rejected.


Instead, Anoka-Hennepin appointed Bryan Lindquist, who is the spokesperson of the Parents Action League, a local anti-LGBT organization. Lindquist, who has in the past promoted ex-gay therapy and who believes homosexuality to be a lifestyle choice, is to be the representative addressing bullying of gay students.


The district has defended its appointment of Lindquist, saying that he will ensure that “very diverse points of view” are represented on the task force.


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I can’t believe this. I’m annoyed.

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