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Why We Support Spirit Day

Posted on: November 1, 2012

Spirit Day has come again. The three-year-old celebration reminds us all today that we should stand up for the LGBT community, speak out against bullying, and offer our love and support to LGBT youth after National Coming Out Day.


We show our support for Spirit Day by wearing purple. Can such a simple action make a difference? Absolutely. An LGBT teen, out or not, can look around and see the love and support around them. They can know that if they are bullied, the people in purple around them will have their backs. We love them as they are and won’t idly allow them to be hurt by bullies. That’s the commitment we make when we put on purple today.


In 2010, two million people participated in Spirit Day. In 2011, it was three million. This year—who knows? Hopefully even more. Need some numbers to show why LGBT youth need our support? Here are some statistics from the Human Rights Campaign and Youth Pride Inc.:


  1. LGB teens are 36.5% more likely to attempt suicide, with transgender students five times as likely to attempt suicide.
  2. 84% of LGBT youth say they’ve been verbally harassed based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.
  3. LGBT youth are twice as likely to be physically assaulted, kicked, or shoved at school.
  4. 42% of LGBT youth say their community is not accepting of LGBT people.
  5. Only two-thirds of LGBT youth have come out to classmates at school.
  6. 92% of LGBT youth have heard negative messages being spread about being LGBT at school, on the Internet, and from their classmates.
  7. 85% of LGBT students say that when they are harassed at school, faculty and staff never or rarely intervene.


And if you still need assurance that you won’t be standing alone to support LGBT youth, consider these celebrities who have stepped up as both general supporters and as ambassadors of Spirit Day: Dianna Agron, Adam Lambert, Shay Mitchell, Farrah Abraham, Shaquille O’Neal, Ellen DeGeneres, Daniel Radcliffe, and several members of the Jersey Shore crew. Let’s stand up with them.


1 Response to "Why We Support Spirit Day"

Too bad I missed it by a day this year. I will wear purple next year.

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