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France Drafts Law on Same-Sex Marriage

Posted on: November 24, 2012

Will France be the next country to legalize same-sex marriage? The French

government, under the leadership of François Hollande, has introduced a draft law

on same-sex marriage and adoption, which is set to go before parliament in January

next year.


Hollande, who is a Socialist, had promised a new law on same-sex marriage and

adoption by mid-2013, and with that deadline edging up, he’s finally gotten a draft

of the law completed.


There are currently 11 other countries that have legalized same-sex marriage,

including Canada, Spain, South Africa, and Portugal. If the law is approved, France

will be the 12th and most influential country to join that list. With 60 million people,

it has the strongest economic and diplomatic influence of the group.


At a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, November 7th, Holland said, “This would be

progress not just for the few, but for our whole society.”


But some are concerned that the progress it would make is not enough; the law as

it is written would legalize same-sex marriage and adoption for all married couples,

but it would not include the right of same-sex couples to take part in medically

assisted conception or use surrogate mothers outside France (where it is currently



Despite outcries from the right and religious institutions, polls have showed that

about 65% of people in France support same-sex marriage. Only 52% support same-

sex couples’ right to adopt children.


France’s Catholic church has publicly opposed the passage of these laws, but with

mass attendance numbers having plummeted in recent years, it’s clear they’re losing

the battle. The church warns that the passage of these laws would “shake one of

the foundations of our society,” and similarly, right wing figures have said it would

mean “the end of the family, the end of children’s development, the end of education.

It’s an enormous danger to the nation.”


It seems like the LGBT movement has spread far enough that people would have

realized by now that it’s not made up or a choice, and it’s not an abomination. Why

can’t people open their eyes and see that the love and commitment LGBT couples

have for each other is no different than heterosexual couples’?


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