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Straight Men and Women Watch Out: The Gays Are Coming

Posted on: December 12, 2012

What started as a half-joking campaign for marriage equality seems to have turned sour, as straight men and women join the viral video fight over who’s going to marry whom.


College Humor released two pro-gay marriage videos with an unusual selling point, as you can see from the titles: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends and Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends. The videos poke fun at both gay and straight stereotypes surrounding men and women, and make the point that, if gay marriage isn’t legalized… they’ll be forced to marry the opposite sex, effectively stealing away straight men and women’s significant others (who they say they’d please more anyway).


The first two videos are clearly meant to make a point by poking fun, but the two response videos that come after sure do seem a lot more bitter and downright offensive.


Straight men kicked off the response videos, Scotch Tape Productions coming out with Straight Men Respond to: “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends.” The video begins in a similar tone to the previous one, but slowly becomes more focused on attacking women and gay men in a more malicious way than had been done before. The “straight men” end the video by telling gay men to please marry their girlfriends, since they’d never subscribe to a life of a nagging woman who would dare hope that their boyfriend would ever do so.


Of course, straight women were understandably miffed at the negativity strewn forth by the Scotch Tape video. They came up with their own response video, Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends: Straight Women Respond to Straight Men, coming down on the side of gay men and unabashedly returning all of the men’s insults right back at them.


And while perhaps the women had reason to be upset and send malicious insults back at the straight men video, it’s discouraging to see that there are still such hateful words being shouted across the room, not meant as playful jabs but rather as hard-hitting insults. That invisible line the first two videos toyed with got crossed somewhere, and now we find ourselves much too far past it to find our way safely back. When will we stop fighting each other and learn to live and love in peace?


2 Responses to "Straight Men and Women Watch Out: The Gays Are Coming"

Its supposed to be a send-up of straight men. The makers actually are taking the piss out of men, partly in an effort to show men up for what Scotch Productions think most men really think. The fact that people take this piss-take seriously reflects the fact that some people really do think that this is how men really think, and that this video is by men telling the truth about what they really think.
What’s really at issue here is the idea that men are basically sexist and homophobic – a classic mistake by certain radicals who mistakingly confuse sexual banter and jokes for misogynistic attitude towards women and homophobic attitudes towards gays. Neither of which are particularly prevalent amongst men, who are mostly good decent people, not homophobic rapists.

Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment Dan! It is appreciated and I’m sorry it wasn’t up sooner.

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