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Cameron Faces Pushback for Same-Sex Marriage

Posted on: January 4, 2013

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is facing strong pushback from Conservatives regarding his advocacy for same-sex marriage laws. He plans to legalize same-sex marriage by 2015, but similar to problems experienced by Ken Mehlman and other LGBT advocates in the U.S., Cameron is facing some strong opposition.

Besides the Conservative Party, Prime Minister Cameron has also heard arguments from religious organizations like the Church of England, who have concluded that allowing same-sex marriage would be a defacement of the institution of marriage as a whole.

Only 11% of members of local conservative organizations have said that same-sex marriage should hold priority, with 71% saying that those they represent oppose the Prime Minister’s proposed changes to the law.

Mr. Cameron, however, remains “absolutely determined” to pass legislation legalizing same-sex marriage “in this Parliament.” But with such strong opposition from the Conservative party, success could prove difficult. The Prime Minister reminds us, in many ways, of American Ken Mehlman, an influential Conservative who is also pro-LGBT.

Mr. Cameron, like Ken Mehlman, has argued that the Conservative party—his own party—is “on the wrong side of this argument,” and has worked to gain standing within the party. The law Prime Minister Cameron is proposing would legalize same-sex marriage in both England and Wales, and would allow those partners that are already in civil unions to convert their statuses to civil marriages. It would not force religious organizations to perform the marriages.

Maria Millner, who is the culture secretary for the conservative Tory group, has ministerial responsibility for the policy at this point in time. “The state should not stop two people undertaking civil marriage unless there are good reasons, and I believe being gay is not one of them,” she said. We can only hope her other fellow Conservatives agree.


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