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Same-Sex Marriage Uniting Families & Friends

Posted on: January 18, 2013


While polls show that the majority of people agree that same-sex marriage should be legalized, there are still many in the United States who disagree with that sentiment. And while big campaigners like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) are making huge strides on that front, some people will remain unmoved.


Until they experience it for themselves. It’s those who completely distance themselves from same-sex marriage, same-sex couples, and the LGBT community as a whole that have a hard time accepting that everyone deserves to be treated equally. But bit by bit, as more people find the courage to come out, minds are being changed.


Barbara Carlson was one such woman. Raised a devout Catholic, Barbara believed that homosexuality was a sin—even after her son came out to her in 2005. Years of frustrating conversations and upsetting arguments followed. Barbara didn’t for a moment stop loving her son, but finding out he was gay brought up questions and insecurities she wasn’t prepared to address. Her son, Sean, was upset by the lack of support from his mother, and the two drifted apart. But now fast forward seven years—Barbara’s mind has changed. She voted for Maryland’s 2012 legalization of same-sex marriage, and she couldn’t be more excited for her son’s upcoming marriage.


Barbara and Sean aren’t the only people taking that journey together. As more states legalize same-sex marriage and the country becomes more accepting of the LGBT community as a whole, we’ll keep seeing deeper conversations that are closer to peoples’ hearts.


“I’ve been to seven weddings for gay couples this year and met guests at each who had never been to one before,” says Kenneth Mehlman of Project Right Side. “And what they and I see at the wedding are love, commitment, a willingness to put someone else before yourself. In short, family values. And what they often say to me or others is ‘No matter what I thought about this issue before, this is a good thing for the couple, their family and society.”


Kenneth Mehlman is one of the strongest Conservative Republican advocates for same-sex marriage in the country. A former RNC chair and campaign manager for President George W. Bush, Mehlman came out in 2010 as gay and has advocated for the cause non-stop ever since.


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