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LGBT Discrimination Affects Economy

Posted on: February 7, 2013

A recent report by the Michigan State Department of Civil Rights indicates that LGBT discrimination in the state has a destructive effect on the economy there. The project was researched for about a year and was sponsored by the TIDES Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting a healthy society that respects and celebrates human rights, communities, and diversity.


The findings of the report indicate that LGBT discrimination is alive and well all across the state, effecting residents, employers, students, and the economy. The report makes eleven recommendations for addressing and tracking the discrimination that is currently taking place, such as enacting legal protections for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


The report also recommends more outreach and advocacy for LGBT rights. Perhaps the most poignant fact in the report was the conclusion that most people in Michigan not only supported the proposed measures—but most of them had assumed they were already in place.


Policy for Equality Michigan Director Emily Dievendorf called the report courageous and compelling, going on to recognize that it had “so eloquently pointed out the broader economic impact on not just the LGBT communities, but the entire state. The report finds that Michigan voters not only support an end to this inequality and hindrance on our economy, but believed that the measures to address this problem were already in place.”


One thing the report stressed was that the report was designed to point out the economic destruction that is brought on by LGBT discrimination, not to argue about the moral or religious issues associated with homosexuality:


“The purpose of this report is not to take sides on or even address the moral and religious issues related to homosexuality. Similarly, we did not intend to, and we have not endeavored to, create a document with the purpose of changing views on homosexuality. The Department recognizes and respects the rights of individuals to hold their own opinions, especially where moral, spiritual or religious beliefs are involved.”



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