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FRI Claims Gay Men Sleep With Kids and Animals

Posted on: April 13, 2013

Paul Cameron, who is the Family Research Institute (FRI) Chairman, has claimed that gay men frequently have sex with both children and animals. Cameron said both were part of the gay man’s “sexual repertoire,” according to a “trustworthy” researcher who had also discovered a number of other issues with homosexuality.

Such as the “fact” that more gay people tend to be criminals than straight people, and that they are also “more apt to smoke, use drugs, drive recklessly and get infected by their sexual activities with a host of dangerous germs and experience various organ failures.”

If you’re wondering where the proof lies, look no further than your local newspaper. According to Cameron, he examined the obituaries of several LGBT people and found that half of all LGBT people were smokers, criminals, and poor drivers. And it was obviously because of the homosexuality.

Cameron also claims that “23% of the gays [in San Francisco] admitted that they illegally had sex with boys.” Unsurprisingly, his research study has been rejected from both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association.

In his rambling press conference, Cameron warned that heterosexual parents are “leery” to let their kids have sleepovers at homes where parents are LGBT or even to let the children of LGBT couples stay over with their kids.

Despite his seeming lack of intelligence, Cameron has a doctoral degree in psychology—though he doesn’t seem to understand how legitimate research should be carried out. He even tried to get the APA to define homosexuality as a mental pathology, something they haven’t done for almost forty years.

“If smoking is a pathology, if drug abuse is a pathology, think of all the things that are mental pathologies,” he said. “Homosexuality would seem to qualify.”



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