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Australian Study Yields Great Findings for Same-Sex Couples and Their Families

Posted on: June 17, 2013


An Australian study suggests children who have same-sex parents might be better off than those with heterosexual parents.
Image: Shutterstock

Despite countless international surveys and studies, the debate about the wellbeing of children with same-sex parents still rages on. Some argue that if you’ve got two moms you’ll grow up maladjusted; others insist that with two daddies, children are sure to develop poor social skills. Well, the results of recent major study have found evidence to the contrary.

An interim report from a continuing study by the University of Melbourne suggests that children of same-sex parents are more than alright. This recent study, the largest of its kind, has recorded findings that propose that children with same-sex parents are more disadvantaged than those with heterosexual parents, and in some cases, are even better off.

According to an article from Jezebel, Researchers found that when it came to issues like self-esteem, emotional behavior and the amount of quality time spent with parents, there was no difference at all between the children of gay parents and the children of straight parents. Furthermore, kids with two moms or two dads actually scored higher than the national average when it came to overall health and how strong of a relationship they had with their parents,” which nicely summarizes some of the results documented on the study’s interim report.

The lead researched for the study, Dr. Simon Crouch, reportedly explained, ”Because of the situation that same-sex families find themselves in, they are generally more willing to communicate and approach the issues that any child may face at school, like teasing or bullying…This fosters openness and means children tend to be more resilient. That would be our hypothesis.” This suggests that despite common arguments discrediting families with same-sex parents, children with two moms or dads are actually just as cared for and able to deal with issues like self-esteem and bullying.

For many people, this “new” information comes as no surprise. As this study, and others like it continue, perhaps the positive results will carry some weight in the ongoing battle for equal rights for LGBT people and their families.


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