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A “Peculiar” Conversation

Posted on: June 24, 2013

The Peculiar Kind

The Peculiar Kind

One point of contention within the LGBT community is the subject of bisexuality. Sure, it makes up the “B” in LGBT, but queer and straight folks alike have often discredited, ignored, or perpetuated stereotypes about those who identify as bisexual.

In its recent season two kick-off, popular web series “The Peculiar Kind,” explores the world of bisexuality in a short online documentary featuring truthful interviews and frank conversation about the topic. “The Peculiar Kind” is a web series that “candidly explores the lives and experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening and unscripted conversations,” according to its website.

The series is a project backed by The Architects, an artist collective that seeks to serve those who want more creative control in their work. The group primarily assists with filmmaking and music production, and has helped “The Peculiar Kind,” find a home online, and a voice that allows real conversations about queer women of color emerge.

The first episode, which is available through online streaming on “The Peculiar Kind’s” website, tackles the controversial subject of bisexuality. The short documentary-type episode features a diverse group of women being interviewed about the topic. They are asked to share their opinions and their experiences in order to create an informative dialogue about the stereotypes and stigmas that bisexuals face.

The women admit that bisexual-identified people face many stereotypes, including: “promiscuity,” “not being radical enough for the gay community,” and “being labeled indecisive, attention seekers.” The women discuss in their interviews how oftentimes, bisexual people are afraid to identify in that way because of the stigmas connected to that label.

“The Peculiar Kind’s” dedication to discussing issues pertaining to everyone in the LGBT community allows for crucial visibility for stigmatized identities such as bisexuality. Frank conversations like the ones in this season’s first episode have the power to spark important conversations in other communities.

For more information about bisexuality, visit the University of Georgia’s Myths and Realities of Bisexuality page. And be sure to check out this season of “The Peculiar Kind” online!

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