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“The Gender Book” Is the Newest (and most user-friendly) Resource about Gender

Posted on: June 28, 2013

The gender book

Gender is complicated. That’s why we need “The Gender Book.”

Gender is complicated. In our culture, we often tend to create simplified binaries for just about everything: male or female, young or old, gay or straight, black or white. The problem with these binaries is that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for that all too important middle ground, which often gets ignored, invalidated, or simply forgotten because of just how challenging it can be to recognize the endless possibilities for human identification.

Whether you consider yourself to be a seasoned gender expert, or are still a little unsure about what folks are talking about when they talk about gender, there’s a new book for you!

The Gender Book is a project that began when a group of friends wanted to share their findings about the complicated world of gender with communities outside of their own. The book is formatted as “an illustrated book- similar to educational children’s books- with no age limit. [It has] all hand-drawn graphics and lots of color. It’s about 70 pages long, and will be readable in one sitting,” according to the project’s website. Inside The Gender Book, you’ll find beautifully illustrated pages that provide information about everything from “what gender is,” to “gender behavior in kids,” to “drag kings and queens,” and much, much more.

The book even contains a glossary of important terms, and tips on how to be an ally. The creators of The Gender Book saw a need for a gender 101-type educational resource, and because their findings were limited, decided to create their own. The Gender Book is a “fun, colorful, community-based resource, which illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender,” and is meant for absolutely anyone and everyone to learn from and enjoy. The creators of the book sought to create a very user friendly, accessible resource about gender, and to that end, truly succeeded.

For more information about the making of The Gender Book, or where to find a copy of your own, visit the project’s official website.


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