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Celebrities Come Out To Talk About Coming Out

Posted on: July 12, 2013

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is one celebrity featured on “The OUT List.”
DFree /

Celebrities are scrutinized daily by the public, who is literally watching their every move. Gossip magazines print photographs about celebrities’ whereabouts and obsess over everything from what they wear to where they are eating to who they are dating in a dizzying array of images and out of context speculative commentary.

When celebrities come out as gay or lesbian, it’s a big deal, because in a matter of moments that news will have reached people all over the world. HBO’s latest documentary, “The OUT List” tackles the complicated act of coming out for celebrities, and features interviews from famous figures about being gay in one of the most public industries.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who was also behind “The Black List” and “The Latino List” documentaries for HBO, directed the film. “The OUT List,” which began airing on June 27th, was released in honor of the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which sparked LGBT Pride Month and coinciding celebrations. The film features many LGBT celebrities talking about being open and how their “out” status impacts their role in the entertainment industry, and in their personal lives.

According to the documentary’s synopsis on HBO, “Alternately humorous and poignant, The OUT List features a diverse cross-section of accomplished leaders from entertainment, business, sports and public service sharing intimate stories on childhood, understanding gender and sexuality, building careers while out and reflecting on the challenges still facing the LGBT community.” The film features prominent celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Larry Kramer, Cynthia Nixon, and many others.

For more information about “The OUT List,” visit the film’s page on the HBO website.


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