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Bi-national Couples Cheer DOMA’s Demise

Posted on: July 17, 2013

green card

Since DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court, bi-national couples can now receive green cards.
Image: Shutterstock

Bi-national couples everywhere are celebrating their newfound rights to green card applications, and being federally protected from separation from their spouse. One of the many benefits of the Defense Of Marriage Act’s strike down by the Supreme Court is that legally married bi-national same-sex couples will now have access to green card approval. When DOMA was in effect, many people who were married in states where their union was legal remained at-risk for deportation because same-sex marriages were still not recognized federally.

After the news was given about the strike down of DOMA, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano publicly stated that same-sex couples were able to sponsor one another and apply for green cards, effective immediately.  Since then, happy stories of same-sex couples being granted green cards have been cropping up all over the news.

As soon as Catriona Dowling and Cathy Davis of Boulder, Colorado heard Napolitano’s statement, they applied for a green card, and one week later received news of the application’s approval. Davis is originally from Ireland, and the couple was married in Iowa after meeting abroad. Their green card approval means that Dowling and Davis can celebrate a newfound stability, without fear of being separated.

Julian Marsh and Traian Povov of Florida are another same-sex couple that has become one of the first to be granted a green card. The DOMA Project’s lawyers represented the couple in their fight for a green card, and with DOMA’s demise, Marsh and Povov no longer face separation. Lavi Soloway, a gay immigrant and founder of the DOMA Project explains, “The approval of this petition demonstrates that the Obama administration’s commitment to recognizing same-sex couples’ marriages after the Supreme Court ruling is now a reality on the ground,” of the couple’s green card approval.

Now, same-sex, bi-national couples can truly celebrate, with green card access and federal support becoming their new reality.


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