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City Councilman Seeks to Ban Rainbow Flag in Lafayette, LA

Posted on: July 24, 2013

pride flag

Lafayette city councilman Andy Naquin wants to ban the pride flag.
Image: Shutterstock

Lafayette, Louisiana is making headlines for recent opposition to the rainbow flag, a symbol of pride for the LGBT community. City councilman Andy Naquin is trying to ban the flag from being flown outside public buildings, and began drafting a proposal that would prohibit rainbow flags from flying on government flagpoles after receiving complaints from residents.

One of the residents who begrudgingly endures seeing rainbow flags in public is 79-year-old Korean war veteran Ray Green. Green has passionately informed the media, “I did not go overseas and fight for our country so that we could come back and be subject to something like that,” using his veteran status as an excuse for blatant homophobia. The “something like that” he refers to is a flag that symbolizes the LGBT community’s fight for equality within their own country, and is also an extension of freedom of speech.

Councilman Naquin, a Republican who denies being homophobic, agrees with Green, and is currently working on the drafting of an ordinance that would limit the types of flags displayed in public, government-affiliated places. The complaints about the rainbow flags started in June when LGBT pride month took place in Lafayette and thousands of other towns and cities across the country. Starting in 1978, the rainbow flag, designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker became a symbol of LGBT oppression and the struggle for equal rights, and also, more optimistically, a symbol of pride. Ever since, the flag has existed as a reminder of hope for LGBT people, and thousands of flags are flown with pride each June.

The situation in Lafayette has sparked anger and frustration from the LGBT community, and is a reminder that despite recent progress for gay rights, there is still much work to be done.


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Mr Naquin is just a sad little man. End of.

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