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Conservatives for Gay Marriage

Posted on: August 7, 2013

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth royally approved of same-sex marriage.
Zoran Karapancev /

Queen Elizabeth II has given her seal of approval to gay marriage.  You know something big has happened when the queen says it’s okay.  Parliament cleared the way to allow gay marriage in Britain with marriages slated to begin next summer.  Many liberal groups are cheering and clapping.  But what about conservatives?

Guess what?  Some of them are clapping too.  It’s worth noting that many conservatives are actually in favor of gay marriage.  Some say, “It doesn’t affect me.  I can still marry whoever I want to.  So, why would I be against it?”  And, wonder of wonders, some gays are actually also conservatives.  It’s not strictly a party issue.

Andrew Sullivan, in an excerpt from an interview with Fareed Zakaria put it succinctly, saying, “(Gays are) born and bred in Texas, in Oklahoma, in Alabama. And they’re in the military and they’re part of this country’s entire diversity. And they want to be a part of their own families. And they’re more traditional than you realize.”

I think the great disappointment…is that this was a really, in some ways, a conservative argument. This was a minority group seeking responsibility, commitment, pooling resources.  If you’re a couple and something happens to one of you, you have someone else to take care of you, not the government. There’s a really powerful conservative case for this. And so many of the Republican Party just never grappled with it until it was too late,” Sullivan continued.

Now we even see openly gay Republicans in politics and government.  Ken Mehlman, former chairman of the Rebublican National Committee, has been out as openly gay since 2010. Mehlman is now a private equity executive for KKR in Manhattan, and is waging a different sort of campaign.  He is trying to convince other Republicans that gay marriage is consistent with conservative values and good for their party.

As times have changed, so too has the way in which gays are viewed in the media and politics.  Because they are being viewed in a much more favorable light, maybe more people feel free to come out.  The more that happens, the more conservatives realize that they know some gay people.  Once they get over classifying gays as “others,” the more likely they are to begin to support gay marriage.


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