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1,138 Reasons to Celebrate Marriage Equality

Posted on: August 9, 2013

red roses

“1,138 Roses: One Special Anniversary” took place on July 24th.
Image: Shutterstock

Same-sex couples, politicians, and gay rights activists all over the country are still proudly rejoicing after the strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act on June 24th. One month after the decision, a special ceremony was held on the steps of the United States Supreme Court to commemorate the ruling.

The one month marker of DOMA’s demise was titled “1,138 Roses; One Special Anniversary” and was celebrated with thousands of attendees, roses, and lots of prideful cheer. At 11:38 a.m. the ceremony’s attendees placed 1,138 roses on the steps of the Supreme Court building to signify the number of federal rights that come with marriage equality achieved in 13 states. Event sponsors including the Human Rights Campaign, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and Marriage Equality USA, among others, also presented an enormous thank you card to the Supreme Court, with over 2,000 signatures expressing their gratitude for the strike down of DOMA.

“1,138 Roses; One Special Anniversary” is an important event because it signifies the achievements earned within the gay rights movement, and also expresses the need for action in the battle for progress ahead. Only 13 of America’s 50 states have legalized same-sex marriage, and while the ruling of DOMA as unconstitutional is a monumental leap forward, there is still much work to be done to ensure equality for all citizens.

After the ceremony, Brian Silva of Marriage Equality USA said, “Today as we stand in front of this court in appreciation of this historic ruling, it is a reminder that when the wheels of justice work to fulfill our country’s dream of dignity, respect and safety for all of its citizens, it is something all of us, regardless of affiliation, can be thankful for.” Indeed, in the wake of DOMA’s demise the LGBT community and allies can celebrate small victories in an ongoing battle for universal human equality.


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