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Dad Disappeared

Posted on: August 12, 2013

Eric Meyers, a father of five and family man, disappeared in 1991 out of the blue.  The fundamentalist Christian seemed to have vanished without a clue.  For a man who seemed happy, to his family, friends and church, his disappearance made no sense.

He left for a real estate conference in San Diego, but he never came back.  Meyers’ wallet was found in a seedy area, and his car seemed to have been abandoned.  His family eventually had him declared legally dead.  So, it certainly came as a big surprise when he resurfaced 16 years later as a gay man.

It took a while to put all the pieces together.  While he did check into a hotel, he never went back home.  He claims to have been robbed while he was in California.  He then went down to Mexico and eventually to Palm Springs.  It was there he met Sean, a Canadian tourist who he befriended and started a relationship with.

woman with alcohol

Myers’ youngest daughter, Kirsten, struggled with drugs and alcohol after he disappeared.
Image: Shutterstock

Many people have asked how he could just abandon his family without so much as a phone call.  How could he have let them believe he was dead?  He never even contacted his parents to let them know he was alive.

Those he left behind really suffered.  One of his daughters, Kirsten, spiraled down into alcohol and drugs.  She was very young when he disappeared.

Around 2007, Meyers had begun to think over the details of his life.  He had married Sean, but he somehow felt the need to reconnect with his parents.  His father was ill, and he and Sean moved in to help take care of him.

He knew it might be difficult to speak to his wife or kids again.  In fact, that was true.  His wife, Anne, said, “the Antichrist has returned.” His family was furious with him for his deception.  They said they didn’t care that he was gay.  The problem was that he just left them without a word.

“I know a lot of [gay] people who would never do this and absolutely never blame it on their homosexuality,” youngest daughter Kirsten Myers Ruggiano told ABC. “I don’t believe that he is capable of love … toward anyone but himself.”

There were further problems, however.  When he was declared dead, Meyer’s family cashed in his life insurance policy worth $800,000. Now, found to be alive, Liberty Life Insurance Company was asking for all the money to be repaid, plus interest.  A court battle is currently underway.

Looking back on his life, Meyers said he knew he was gay as a child but thought it was wrong.  He had three failed suicide attempts before he was out of high school.  He eventually joined the church and thought he was possessed.  They convinced him he should marry a woman.  Sadly, had he felt free to be who he really was, the whole situation would never have happened.


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