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Westboro Baptist Church’s Love Isn’t the Same

Posted on: August 14, 2013

There are undoubtedly groups that oppose gay marriage and gay rights.  Then there are those whose doctrine of hatred is so vile it makes you want to gag.  The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., is one of those.

Church members recently appeared at a Macklemore concert to protest the song “Same Love,” which is about equal rights and gay marriage.  The song was written while Washington State was trying to pass referendum 74 to legalize same-sex marriage.  Macklemore, a Washington native, wrote the song with Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert.  It has since become known as the LGBT anthem in favor of equality.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the latest musician to join WBC’s hate list.
Featureflash /

The Westboro Baptist Church clearly disagrees, but they go beyond just ignoring what they disagree with.  They will spew hatred and tell you you’re going straight to hell.  They have forgotten all about what it means to “love thy neighbor.”

In fact, they don’t stop at Macklemore.  They take their hatred to military funerals and even to Joplin, Mo., to explain how the tornado that destroyed the town was God’s will.  Why?  It’s because everyone in the town was a “sinner.”  What do they say at military funerals?  They say the person or people died because God wanted them to.  Again, it’s because they were sinners.  Wow!  It’s easy for them to point fingers.

So, according to the Westboro Baptist Church, who isn’t a sinner?  That would be anyone who is in their church.  Anyone who is not in the church?  Those are all sinners going to hell.

In any case, besides the in-person protest of the Mackelmore song, the group even made a parody verson of “Same Love.”

Lest Macklemore feel alone, the Westboro Baptist Church hates almost all singers – rap, pop or otherwise.  The list includes Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, and most recently Taylor Swift.  They have described Swift as a woman with very loose morals, though their choice of words was much harsher.

How do they suggest these lost sinners save their souls?  Oh, they just need to use their Twitter accounts to tweet about leading a wholesome life and warning of the coming destruction of the world at Armageddon.  Presto!  You’re saved.

What does Mary Lambert have to say about all this?  “It’s heartbreaking but at the same time I know they’re doing it for shock value, and I keep getting told if the WBC is protesting you it means you’re doing something right, so I’m okay with it now.”


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