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The Power of Choice

Posted on: August 21, 2013


We don’t choose who we love. We just love.
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How come nobody ever says, “You chose to be straight?”  How about never? Yet, a lot of people still think being gay is a choice.  Of course, it isn’t.  It’s just innate biology.  You love who you love.  That has nothing to do with choice.

If it did, wouldn’t you just choose the person who had the most money, or the one with the best personality?  Maybe you would choose the one who had a mixed-breed labradoodle because they don’t make you sneeze.  Maybe… but none of these people are ones you happen to be in love with.  Sure, they have nice qualities, but love is not a choice.  It’s a feeling.  It’s an enigma.  Nobody can say what love is in words since it’s not something words can aptly define.  Yet, most of us know love.

A new ABC drama, “The Fosters,” is making waves by tackling the idea of homosexuality being a choice.  The daughter ends up talking with her father about why she left the church and never went back.

To really upset conservatives, the lesbian couple in this drama happens to be biracial.  Oh, and they are foster parents.  Terri Polo and Sherri Saum (yes, their first names rhyme) play the couple.  Hmm…funny that their last name is Foster and they are foster parents.

The bottom line is that the daughter gives such a good explanation of her “choice.”  She said, “Let’s pretend that it is a choice…I chose to be happy.”  Enough said.


2 Responses to "The Power of Choice"

Indeed. And- if it were a choice, it is a choice no-one has the right to criticise.

Couldn’t agree more. No one has the right to decide who other people should love. That’s just ludicrous!

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