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You’re Not Hot Enough

Posted on: September 4, 2013

attractive man

Gay men are feeling more and more pressure to look and be “perfect.”
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Think only girls and women worry about their own appearance?  Think again.  The stereotypical Barbie doll image has been around for a long time.  Yet, Ken is just as unrealistic.  Guys, ever wonder if you are “hot enough?”

These days, images of male models in “tighty whitey” underwear are prominently displayed on billboards in Times Square.  These kinds of guys are turning up on TV shows as the “boyfriend” or “husband.”  These men don’t just look cute or sweet anymore.  They look almost superhuman.

They have sculpted abs you could cut diamonds on.  They have perfectly sun-kissed full heads of hair.  These men have legs that look like all they do all day long is play tennis.  Yes, they are cut.  Their muscles have muscles.

Unfortunately, gay men seem to feel the pressure more than straight men. There seems to be more pressure to look perfect to attract a partner.  This can even lead to a disorder called “body dysmorphia” in which a normal-looking person feels unattractive despite not being so.

Is being a regular guy enough anymore?  The media would like to tell you heck no.  Just like women, you now need to have whiter teeth, more toned muscles, be tanner and, to top it all off, you’d better be rich!  How else are you supposed to pay for all the cosmetic surgery, veneers and tanning?

Does it seem like this is a fair turn of events?  Women have been scrutinized about their looks for centuries.  Cleopatra took baths in tubs full of milk to ensure perfect skin.  Women have long used makeup with dangerous, toxic chemicals including mercury and lead.  Isn’t it time men understand what this kind of pressure feels like?

No!  This is not tit-for-tat.  It is all about unrealistic expectations created by the media.  It’s bad for anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female.  We all need to stand up and demand an end to airbrushing and falsifying people’s looks.  Even those models you see are not perfect.  They just airbrush them so they look ultra-tan, sculpted and un-blotchy.  Stand up for “real” people.

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Good work right here

You opened my eyes.

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