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Small Southern Town Elects Gay Mayor

Posted on: September 9, 2013

Think the south is full of hicks who hate gay people?  Well, the new mayor of Vicco, Kentucky, happens to be a gay man.  He is also the town hairdresser.  Vicco may be a small town, but people there are standing up for all he has accomplished.

Welcome to Kentucky

A small town in Kentucky is standing up for equality.
Image: Shutterstock

Since Johnny Cummings was elected to office, he has implemented many sweeping changes for the betterment of Vicco.  For example, he added a family center, park and playground for kids and a new bridge to the sewer plant.

“Me and the city workers, in the middle of the night, went out and patched the potholes,” said Cummings.

A local police officer, and friend to Cummings said, “He has fixed the water situation.  It’s better than it’s ever been in Vicco.”

However, most importantly, he introduced the “Fairness Ordinance” to the City Council.  In its language it states that “no one can be denied service, be terminated from their job or be evicted from their house because of their sexual preference.”

In what may surprise many northerners, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance.  Most of the people in the town support the mayor and the ordinance.  Things certainly are changing.

However, lest you think everyone is on board, there is one person definitely not in favor. That would be the local pastor who thinks that the town will soon be overrun by gays and thinks he would see the local tavern turned into a gay bar.

“If gay tolerance spreads, yes, it would hurt everything in that way.  Homosexuals are sinners and without the Lord Jesus Christ, they’re going to hell,” he said.

However, he is easily the minority.  One of the townspeople, in a video clip from the Colbert Report said, “God makes you born gay.  Then why is he against it? God is against gays is what it says in the bible.  If he is against it, why did he make them born that way?  I can’t understand that.  I’ve tried and tried and tried to understand that and I can’t.”

The fact is, he doesn’t believe God is really against homosexuals—and neither is he.  Small town America, stand up for equality!


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