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Not All Like That

Posted on: October 3, 2013


Not all Christians are anti-gay.
Image: Shutterstock

Think all Christians are anti-gay?  Well, there are many Christians working to change that stereotype.  There is even a website devoted to it.  It’s called “Not All Like That.”  It is for Christians who want to tell their stories about why they want full equality for people who are gay, lesbian and transgendered.  Some of the most heartwarming stories are those of people whose beliefs changed over time.

One of those stories is that of the Robertson family from Seattle, WA.  The mother and father had been married for over 20 years when one of their sons, Ryan, came out as gay.  At the time, the father said he disapproved.  He told Ryan he didn’t have to be gay.  He could undergo therapy and change.  Of course, that didn’t work.

What did happen is that Ryan ran away from home and started taking drugs to numb the pain and rejection of his family.  His parents who, at first, prayed to God that their son would turn straight started asking God for something different.  They worried about Ryan being all alone on the streets and started praying to God to bring him home and keep him safe.  They prayed that they could start a new relationship with him and protect him.

The Robertsons said they spoke with God during that time and that he told them, “I am God, and you are not.  I made Ryan exactly the way he is.  Love your son just because he breathes.”  They said this changed their thinking radically.

Many Christians believe that you cannot be gay and be Christian.  The Robertsons are conservative, evangelical Christians, and they used to think so too.  Now they spread the news that you can be gay and Christian without any negative consequences.

While the couple, Rob and Linda, attend church at Overlake Christian in Redmond, WA, they also go above and beyond in furthering the cause. They run the AIDS/HIV outreach team at the church, attend a bible study group for LBGT adults and allies and support the Biola Queer Underground at Biola University in California.  Rob works as a fire lieutenant while Linda volunteers at Faithworks on Capitol Hill and chats with an online group of mothers who love Jesus and are dealing with how to relate to their LGBT children.

There are many more stories on “We’re not all like that,” meaning not anti-gay.  It feels good to know that there are so many supportive individuals, families and clergy.

Hopefully, someday, a web site like that will be laughed at as being old-fashioned. Imagine if there were a web site devoted to people who wanted to let you know that they are okay with a mixed race couple getting married.  Sound silly?  A while ago, that was illegal.  We are now battling to legalize gay marriage.  Let’s hope we get to the point where there are no web sites like this since it becomes the norm.


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