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Vancouver’s West End Crosswalks Get a Prideful Makeover

Posted on: October 10, 2013

Rainbow flags have flown in honor of LGBT pride for decades, and have existed as a marker of strength and solidarity wherever they proudly hang. In Vancouver, British Columbia, a prideful makeover took place on one of the city’s bustling street corners, taking the rainbow imagery synonymous with progress in the gay rights movement a step further.

Vancouver's crosswalks were re-painted with rainbows for Pride Week.

Vancouver’s crosswalks were re-painted with rainbows for Pride Week.
Image: Shutterstock

In honor of the launch of Vancouver Pride Week, the city gave a West End intersection some colorful new crosswalks, The Huffington Post reported. At the intersection of David and Bute streets, a change was made overnight when four rainbow-striped crosswalks were permanently painted, forming a prideful border around the junction. The rainbow crosswalks are the first ever to be painted in Canada, and are a strong symbol of the city’s commitment to supporting its LGBT community. Vancouver introduced the colorful crosswalks, a proud symbol of diversity, to mark the city’s ongoing support of human equality.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the intersection at David and Bute in this western section of the city holds its own history as being the birthplace of the gay rights movement in Vancouver. The Vancouver Pride Parade is stronger than ever after 35 years of growing to be the fifth largest LGBT Pride celebration in the world. There were reportedly 650,000 people involved last year, with huge support from the community, so the West End area was glad to welcome the vibrant crosswalks as a further symbol of pride.

It’s incredible that simple, yet colorful, crosswalks are such a powerful symbol of pride and commitment to equality. The city is sending a message to the rest of the world that Vancouver is a safe space where diversity is celebrated with immense pride.

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