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LGBT Princesses, Kings, and Queens Crowned at Progressive Public High Schools

Posted on: November 5, 2013

homecoming tiara LGBT

Progressive high schoolers are honoring their LGBT classmates with princess, king, and queen titles.
Image: Shutterstock

In this day and age, it seems a little antiquated for public high schools to continue the very-gendered, very-heteronormative ritual of anointing Homecoming Kings and Queens. For LGBT and otherwise gender-nonconforming youths, this archaic American “rite of passage” of sorts can be a challenging event to combat. However, for openly gay, lesbian, or transgender teens, being crowned at Homecoming might just be one of the most validating high school experiences one can go through.

It seems as if more and more, courageous teenagers that are open about their sexual or gender identity are being honored by their peers during extracurricular school events such as Homecoming. Cassidy Lynn Campbell made history at her California high school when she became the first transgender female to be crowned Homecoming Queen. Transgender teen Ray Ramsey was also recently crowned Homecoming King in what was referred to as “a landslide victory” at his New Hampshire high school.

Recently making headlines is the lesbian couple that was anointed with the title, “Princess and Princess” during their high school’s Homecoming festivities. Laurel Osborne and her girlfriend Sophia Schoenfeld of Portland, OR were crowned after receiving many votes from their classmates. Reportedly, the best part about their crowning was the fact that it wasn’t a big deal for their peers to vote for them. This is another current example of public schools cultivating a culture of respect and equality among its students.

The fact that these LGBT teens are being honored indicates a rise in more progressive-minded high schools. These wins, though somewhat superficial and based in antiquated American high school tradition, indicate that nonconforming sexual and gender identities are welcome to participate. Hopefully more high schools will take cues from the ones that have crowned transgender Kings and Queens, and even lesbian Princesses. Perhaps then more LGBT youths will find the courage to be open in their communities.

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