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When Getting Married Gets You Fired

Posted on: November 7, 2013

same sex love, gay love, lesbian love

Love is love, and it’s never a sin.
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Tippi McCullough and Barb Mariani were thrilled because they had finally, after 14 years of cohabitation, gotten married and gone on their honeymoon.  The couple was ready to start their life together and were planning all the memories to come.  That is…until the phone call came.

It was the principal of the school at which Tippi worked, Mount St. Mary Academy.  He said, “I have to terminate you,” due to the Catholic high school’s morality code.  Needless to say, Tippi and Mariani were shocked and disappointed the school would do such a thing.

Sadly, this type of practice is still common.  Not long ago, a student was expelled for having a same sex relationship with another girl.  The schools claim that the teachers all sign a paper saying they understand the rules.  Therefore, they should know better.  As if getting married to your love were a sin!

Clearly this is a form of discrimination against gays and lesbians.  The “morality code” is nothing more than an “ism.”  It’s homophobia.

Catholic schools should follow Pope Francis’ lead and remember his words.  He said it is not up to him to judge what is right and wrong.  That is up to God alone.

What is surprising is that the school knew that Tippi was a lesbian and that she was in a relationship.  Yet, they didn’t do anything about it, according to Barb.  It wasn’t until she told them she was going to get married that they decided to fire her.  Doesn’t that seem backward?

Tippi tried to argue her case, but the principal said, “I’m not going to get in a theological conversation with you.”

This kind of thing may disappear in the future as the majority of Americans, Catholic or otherwise, now support marriage equality. Catholic schools will be forced to change if they want to remain in step with the majority of the public.  It could end up costing them money and students if they fail to reform along with the rest of the country.


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