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Prevailing (And Ridiculous) Same-Sex Wedding Myths

Posted on: December 19, 2013

same-sex wedding

There are many prevailing misconceptions about same-sex weddings.
Image: Shutterstock

As new and federally regulated as same-sex marriage is in the states where it’s legal, many misconceptions about the ritual are being perpetuated at a rapid pace. Bernadette Coveney Smith, a gay wedding planner and educator, recently penned an article for The Huffington Post about the Top 10 Myths About Same-Sex Weddings (And the Data That Dispel Them).

The article is one part frustrating (how can people really think these things?), and one part highly informative. The author does a great job at dispelling the most common misconceptions with numbers and evidence, and uses a tone that doesn’t shame those who buy into these myths, but still sets them straight. Here are the ten most common myths about same-sex weddings:

  1. “In a same-sex relationship there are gender roles. The ‘bride’ in a gay relationship wears drag at his wedding, and the ‘groom’ in a lesbian relationship wears a suit to hers.”
  2. “A civil union is good enough.”
  3. “Gay couples have huge, over-the-top weddings.”
  4. “Gay men spend more than lesbians. And older same-sex couples with money are spending more than young ones.”
  5. “A gay wedding is the same as a straight wedding.”
  6. “Parents of same-sex couples don’t support them.”
  7. “Dads walk their gay and lesbian kids down the aisle.”
  8. “We’ll only hire gay-owned businesses.”
  9. “Same-sex couples have positive experiences when planning their wedding.”
  10. “It doesn’t matter if your business uses LGBT-inclusive language or photos.”

Perhaps debunking these myths and misconceptions and working harder to challenge notions of “traditional” weddings and thus, “traditional” marriage, will help make progress for the LGBT community. What do you think of these wedding myths?

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