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Sailor Moon is Coming Back: This Time, With LGBT Characters

Posted on: January 16, 2014

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary

Sailor Moon will be back this summer–and likely with LGBT characters.

Sailor Moon, the well-loved anime series, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in style this year. Toei Animation and producer Atsutoshi Umezawa have announced that in July, a new Sailor Moon series will begin airing worldwide. The series was previously slated to begin Summer 2013, but was then delayed to Winter 2013, and again to July 2014. Delays aside, anime fans around the world will be in for a long-awaited treat this summer when the series finally premieres.

Sailor Moon will stream on Niconico and will include subtitles for 10 different languages. According to the Umezawa, “This second anime adaptation of Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon is not remaking that previous anime, but adapting [Naoko Takeuchi’s] original manga and starting from scratch again. It is quite a project. The entire staff has been working hard to show everyone an entirely new [Sailor Moon], so please look forward to it.”

For the LGBT community, a complete remake from the original is great news, considering that originally there were several LGBT characters—whose gender identities and sexualities were changed when the show eventually came to the U.S. in the 1990s.

But, as Hollywood and the nation at large have begun opening up their eyes and becoming more accepting of the LGBT community, we can (hopefully) expect to see those characters’ identities given a fair and true representation.

Sailor Moon was originally written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi, which was so popular that it essentially redefined and revitalized the “magical girl” genre. It was the first magical girl genre story where a group of magical girls used their powers to fight evil. Today, that concept is easy to find in popular culture and children’s shows (a great example is Powerpuff Girls).

The storyline follows an ordinary teenaged girl, Usagi Tsukino, who finds a talking cat. The cat tells her that she is “Sailor Moon,” a magical girl warrior whose destiny is to save the Earth from all the forces of evil. Thus, the story begins.

So, anime fans get ready: Sailor Moon is coming back!


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