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Visual AIDS Celebrates its 16th Annual ‘Postcards From The Edge’ Art Benefit

Posted on: January 28, 2014

On January 25th Visual AIDS, an organization that merges activism and art to fight AIDS, celebrated its 16th annual “Postcards From The Edge” fundraiser. “Postcards From The Edge” is Visual AIDS’ yearly art exhibition and benefit sale of over 1300 original, postcard-sized works of art by both emerging and renowned contemporary artists. The organization calls it “the most exciting and affordable way to add to your art collection.” Considering how it benefits Visual AIDS’ commitment to fighting the AIDS virus, it’s also the best way to merge creativity and activism.

Postcards from the Edge, presented by Visual AIDS

Postcards from the Edge, presented by Visual AIDS
Image: Visual AIDS

Visual AIDS was one of the first national initiatives to measure the impact of the AIDS pandemic on the artistic community, according to the organization’s history, something which deeply unified both the arts and AIDS communities. The organization “utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over,” explains Visual AIDS. By promoting accessible, inclusive art and HIV+ artists, Visual AIDS raises awareness about AIDS, attaches real people to the stigmatizing disease, and broadens the dialogue in hopes of fighting it, and finding a cure.

Since its 1988 formation, the organization has raised awareness about the AIDS pandemic by increasing public dialogue and scholarship around the disease and its relationship to contemporary art. By utilizing art exhibitions, organizing public events, and holding fundraisers like “Postcards From The Edge,” Visual AIDS has created new, important conversations about AIDS.

Art historian Simon Watney wrote in 1993’s Memorializing AIDS, “Our mourning strives to be public, and to engage in public institutions, because it is in the public domain that the value of the lives of our dead loved ones is so frequently questioned or denied. Thus the epidemic requires a public art, which might adequately memorialize and pay respect to our dead.” Similarly, Visual AIDS works hard to bring issues that face HIV+ individuals and their loved ones to the forefront of contemporary social dialogue. Adding art to the conversation has had a deep impact on the organization’s longevity and success.

Visit Visual AIDS’ official website for more information about their programs and “Postcards From The Edge.”


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