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Paul Singer Makes for an Unlikely but Vital Ally

Posted on: April 11, 2014

What if I told you that one of the most valuable allies to the gay and lesbian community is also a straightGay Marriage, white, powerful, Republican hedge fund manager? Believe it or not, Paul Singer – an American businessman, philanthropist, and founder of the multibillion-dollar company Elliot Management Corporation – is paving the way for same-sex marriage reform, LGBT-friendly legislation, and more. Basically, he is using his clout for good, and changing the way that many policymakers look at gay rights.

According to Advocate contributor Jaime Fuller, whose article “Meet the wealthy donor who’s trying to get Republicans to support gay marriage” details Singer’s efforts, “Since 2010, Singer has spent more than $10 million trying to get states to legalize gay marriage and get Republicans to join the battle.” It’s incredible that someone in the traditionally conservative business sector would be willing to donate such vital funds to marriage equality efforts. Singer’s monetary donations are an invaluable asset in the fight for gay rights, and his willingness to speak up for marriage equality and get others on board makes him not only an equality-minded philanthropist, but also an actual ally.

Singer’s foundation, the Paul E. Singer Foundation, is working with the Human Rights Campaign to help support LGBT people around the world, and the businessman has also donated large sums of money to help more personalized initiatives to fight for same-sex marriage legislation. Fuller explains that throughout most of his career, Singer has been dedicated to helping fund political and humanitarian efforts if they correlate with his personal beliefs.Today, his position as a global leader in business has allowed Singer to become very influential person in politics as well; just like Republican strategist Ken Mehlman and GOP consultant Mark McKinnon, Singer is proving that an anti-gay sentiments and conservatism don’t have to go hand in hand.

Republicans can be, and more frequently are, for marriage equality. Singer is an incredible example of a man of privilege who is using his power and access to try and make the world more equal for other people. His monetary donations to political candidates and foundations that support LGBT rights, as well as his openness about the need for those rights, make him an unlikely but invaluable ally.


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