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Is MTV’s Faux-Lesbian Dramedy ‘Faking It’ As Inspirational as Hoped?

Posted on: April 29, 2014

The premise of MTV’s new show, “Faking It,” is very basic—two teenage girls pretend they are a lesbian couple to become popular in high school. This offbeat premise allows for “high school stories that feel really fresh and different,” according to an interview between executive producer Carter Covington and TVLine.

You can watch MTV’s trailer below:

“The show feels very unique and very current. I am very happy about that,” he adds.

Even when the show was first announced, it received many detractors but Covington says there is an inspirational message behind it. Although there is still drama to the show, the story has much more complexity as well.

For example, the show has a number of scenes that are non-confrontational yet uncomfortable. They make the watcher questions whether or not they should be offended, as in the scene below quoted by FlavorWire:

“In one scene the girls’ nemesis/Amy’s stepsister Lauren (Bunheads‘ Bailey Buntain) outs (ins?) the “couple” by screeching, ‘They are mocking the gay rights movement!’ Again, she’s right, but Faking It doesn’t care. There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek dialogue in Faking It that misses the mark and just feels tone-deaf.”

The show could also be off-putting because in high schools across the country, gay high-schoolers are bullied and persecuted, not seen as the path to popularity. Glossing over this fact could easily become offensive to viewers, especially those with personal experiences.

Will the show get past its initial shaky moments? Perhaps. But for now, it’s certainly treading a thin line.


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