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Marriott Hotels Target LGBT Community

Posted on: June 10, 2014

Marriott International is going after the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community with a new social media and marketing campaign, joining several major hotel chains aggressively trying to widen their appeal. The images in the campaign, which feature NBA player Jason Collins and transgender model Geena Rocero among others, will be shared on social media and become large building wraps on six D.C. hotels.

Marriott-hotels“We see #LoveTravels as a universal, multicultural theme that appeals to communities throughout the world, resonating with consumers around the globe and especially with Millennials and next generation travelers who value inclusiveness,” Karin Timpone, Marriott’s global marketing officer said in a statement. The campaign is timed to attract attention at LGBT Pride celebrations in New York, Washington and San Francisco.

This push is just the latest pro-LGBT move by Marriott’s executive director, Bill Marriott, a lifelong, outspoken Mormon who has professed faith in his church’s teachings–including traditional marriage. While Marriott says it is targeting the community to make LGBT travelers feel welcomed at their hotel, there’s also a business incentive. According to Out Now Global, an LGBT marketing specialist group, the potential value of the LGBT travel market was set to reach $181 billion last year.

“Our goal is really to educate and engage and shift perception of our portfolio brand,” says Kristine Friend, senior director of segment marketing for Marriott International. “We’ve decided to kick off a holistic campaign that really helps celebrate inclusiveness and beautifully illustrates our desire to make people feel at home at our hotels.”



1 Response to "Marriott Hotels Target LGBT Community"

The chain is owned by Mormons so when I saw “Going after LGBTs” I thought they were, you know, going after LGBTs.

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