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YouTube Launches #ProudToPlay Campaign for LGBT Athletes

Posted on: June 17, 2014

YouTube, in conjunction with parent company Google, has launched its 2014 Gay Pride campaign, #ProudToPlay, which highlights various LGBT athletes and allies in order to help end anti-LGBT bias in sports. Several famous sports stars in the spot include basketball player Kobe Bryant, football player Michael Sam and Olympic diver Tom Daley.

The campaign works to promote equality among all athletes, regardless of their sexuality. The video also features footage and sound bites from equal rights advocates including Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

“We applaud the courage and openness of athletes at all levels who have come out and admire their teammates, friends, families, and supporters who are all proving that it doesn’t matter who you are or who you love — what matters is that you put forward your best effort. “We stand with our community in the belief that youth everywhere should all have the same opportunities to grow up and pursue their dreams and passions, on or off the field,” says YouTube on its blog.

The video encourages users to share their own experiences of what equality among athletes means to them by uploading videos and using the hashtag #ProudToPlay.

Kobe Bryant, #ProudToPlay supporter and ally said, “Equality in sports has to be there for your team to be successful. It’s these little building blocks that you learn through playing sports. The bravery of being you is really the anchor of it all. You have to be brave in your own convictions, you have to be brave about who you are and you have to be brave to step forward and step into the spotlight and declare to the rest of the world this is who I am.”


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